Review Article

On the effect of millimeter waves on DNA and RNA of viruses

Ikhlov BL*

Published: 18 July, 2022 | Volume 6 - Issue 2 | Pages: 029-033

Based on the differences between RNA and DNA, formulas for the natural frequency of torsional vibrations of single and double RNAs are obtained.
It is shown that, despite the fact that millimeter waves are delayed by the skin of the human body, there are conditions under which they can freely penetrate through the human body.
It is shown that centimeter waves, whose frequencies are multiples of the natural frequencies of torsional vibrations of the spirals of short DNA or RNA viruses, can cause subharmonic resonance in the spirals of RNA and DNA, which leads to the destruction of these molecules. Centimeter waves of non-thermal power flux density freely pass through the human body, which makes it possible to use them in vivo.
A table has been compiled with the physical characteristics of DNA and RNA of the most dangerous viruses, indicating the frequencies of the external electromagnetic field that cause resonance in the DNA and RNA helices, which leads to the denaturation of molecules.
In a series of experiments, it was shown that irradiation with microwaves with a resonant frequency of 180,402 GHz on samples with COVID-19 for 20 seconds. It has a disinfecting effect.

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Resonance; Replication; Breaks; Power; RNA


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