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Comorbidities, infections and mortalities of COVID-19 in Bangladesh in the course of January-May 2022

Anayat Ullah Khan, Ahasan Ullah Khan*, Foyj Ullah Khan and Shakhera Khanom

Published: 06 July, 2022 | Volume 6 - Issue 2 | Pages: 024-028

Background: COVID-19 is the extreme smash of the present-day century that emaciated fitness, financial system, and ordinary life.
Objectives: This research assessed the condition and relation of tests, infections, recoveries, and deaths of SARS-CoV-2 from January to May 30, 2022. 
Methods: The research plan was carried out from January 1 to May 31, 2022 (n = 151 days) to state the position of Bangladesh towards widespread COVID-19. The facts in this study became acquired from extraordinary government groups.
Results: The total cases, infections, recoveries, and deaths were 2633750, 367208, 357309, and 1053, respectively, during the study period. In January 2022, the total number of COVID-19 tests, infections, recoveries, and deaths was 987194, 213294, 19112, and 315, respectively. In February 2022, the total number of COVID-19 tests, infections, recoveries, and deaths was 922657, 143744, 250422, and 643, respectively. In March 2022, the total number of COVID-19 tests, infections, recoveries, and deaths was 353555, 5810, 49727, and 63, respectively. In April 2022, the total number of COVID-19 tests, infections, recoveries, and deaths was 152691, 977, 12490, and 7, respectively. In May 2022, the total number of COVID-19 tests, infections, recoveries, and deaths was 127950, 1016, 6166, and 4, respectively. The maximum and the minimum number of COVID-19 tests were 49492 and 1653 on January 25 and May 4, respectively. The maximum and the minimum number of COVID-19 infestations were 16033 and 1653 on January 22 and May 5, respectively. The maximum and minimum number of COVID-19 recovered were 13853 and 1653 on February 13 and May 9, respectively. The maximum and the minimum number of COVID-19 death was 43 and 0 on February 8 and in several days in 2022, respectively. In the 0.01 level of the two-tailed Spearman, the relationship was positive to moderate to strong relationships and the total number was n=151. The mean Spearman correlation for tests was 0.83 (range 0.973 to 0.633), for infested was 0.81 (range 0.579 to 0.973), for recovered was 0.61 (range 0.633 to 0.618), for death was 0.81 (range 0.553876 to 0.618). This research additionally showed a moderate to strong relationship between tests, infections, recoveries, and deaths of SARS-CoV-2.
Conclusion: COVID-19 has spread out unexpectedly to 64 districts in Bangladesh. The persevering with the occurrence of COVID-19 infections has emphasized the significance of the short and accurate and advanced 118 laboratory diagnoses to restriction it unfolds. In this situation, human beings must keep away from public gatherings as plenty as possible and pass return home as speedy as possible after finishing work in a public place. It is safer now because the vaccine controlled the infestation and death rate of COVID-19 in Bangladesh.

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SARS-CoV-2; COVID-19; Tests; Infections; Recoveries; Deaths; Bangladesh


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